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Tricking iT2

Just recently Cory Doctorow voiced his fondness of “Tricking iT2” [see below] by Team iT: “Even if you’re not a Quake player (I’m not, particularly, though I live with a retired member of the UK national Quake team) this is every bit as engrossing as any parkour video or Olympic demonstration sport.” Very well said, but, I am afraid, I have to mention that this is not simply a “20-minute video of a virtuoso Quake III player doing the most amazing “rocket-jump” acrobatics”. Rather it is the audiovisually most impressing tip of an iceberg—the latter being the culture of tricking, Q3A-tricking in particular. See snaking and strafe-jumping, piling up, infinite trajectory, appropriation by mastership, and speed runs

Here are the machinimatographical references [in reverse chronological order, that is newest first] to the extraordinary videos by Team iT, complete with working download links to the real high-quality stuff:

JRB [BREWIN, JETHRO] et al. 2004. Tricking iT2 [19:59min | .avi | 511MB]. Shaolin Productions.

FU3L3D. 2004. iT DeFrag [15:40min | .avi | 407MB]. Team iT.

iT.haZe [CHITA, PATRICK] and iT.Roffo [ROFF, JORDAN]. 2004. The Art of Tricking II [13:57min | .avi | 325MB]. Team iT.

haZe [CHITA, PATRICK] and cyrus [HARTH, SEBASTIAN]. 2003. The Art of Tricking [19:30min | .avi | 469MB]. Team iT.

EdisDead [CONN, ED]. 2003. Team iT [16:18min | .avi | 381MB]. Team iT.

Has the bug bitten? Then don’t miss event horizon 2 by Team Event -O- Horizon focussed on team tricking.

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