it really happened


Although all this DeFRaG-screenshots showing the speeds I reached in Q3A-gamespace by strafejumping document a part of the path of my personal immersion into the culture of trickjumping, I am perfectly aware that they start to get boring. But I simply have to show off the above one. Especially as I had a conversation with 2R about this, and back then voiced that I wished that this would happen. Well, it happened the day before yesterday. Note the fifth figure from the right side. Believe me, I didn’t doctor the pic.

I guess that this is enough of documentation at this stage. I have embodied the knowledge of single-beat strafejumping to a certain degree. Now I regularly reach 1000ups and beyond. Alas, still with the help of the feedback provided by the CGazHUD. And I can cover the full length of cos1_beta7b‘s running tracks by strafejumping without stumbling once.


Furthermore I am now able to complete the green pads of the map 1337hj. Not on a regular basis, but more often than not. [The map’s name is sheer coincidence—it simply features the easiest pads I could find.] While doing a succesful run across the pads I sense that I skip relying on the HUD. Trying to gain as much speed as possible on a track, and trying to cross a series of strafepads are two completely different things. Although speeding is fun, the pads are the real thing to me. So, the next step will be getting rid of the HUD and improving my performance on the pads. The next item of documentation maybe a recorded demo ;-) Just to round things up, here is proof of my current personal speed-record.



All right, I can’t resist. Guess what? “You always pwn twice!” Now it’s the sixth figure from the right side :-)

1337ups again

Take my seemingly childish joy about this occurences as a symptom of my going native in gaming culture.

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