fragged by speed

DigitalHawk’s jaw virtually dropped when Teh_Lamerer overtook him. He had been well on his way to that red armour, but now Teh_Lamerer got it. Hawk was aware that Teh_Lamerer since quite some time was in contact with that other culture, the trickjumpers. And trickjumping originated in speedrunning, so much he knew. But that kind of velocity … The other one had whizzed by at double or almost thrice his own speed. But he himself already went at the maximum speed the institutions of this universe allowed. Still baffled he saw his newly armoured opponent turn around, facing him at point blank range, and ate his rocket. Fragged by Teh_Lamerer. A way lesser deathmatcher than himself. Not quite Humiliation, but close. Yet, it was not over. From a distance Hawk had to watch helplessly how another rocket was driven into his now lifeless, limp body, resulting in the gorey gibs flying into x-, y-, and z-direction. Thanks to Engine John, the creator, Hawk was allowed to stay some moments more and could get a glimpse of Teh_Lamerer being surgically taken out by a hitscan projectile from out of nowhere. There’s no use in camping, and no use in gibbing the fragged. Respawn. Back to breakneck strategy and tactics.

[virtually fictional, never happened ;-]

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