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It seems that I am attracted to things “Razer”, however spelled, just like John Romero is … ;-) As some may remember, I am the owner of “that girlish piece of hardware” [tnx 2R] called the Motorola Razr—which at some times is quite inconvenient. As it is with inconvenient, but nevertheless popular pieces of technology … they get hacked and appropriated. Because the following information was deleted at the place where it originally stems from, I’ll repeat it here:

ModMyMoto.com (M3)—The premiere Motorola modding forum site! A very helpful and friendly site dedicated to modding all the versions of the RAZR. Has detailed guides on modding most of the popular motorola phones. Also contains one of the most complete download sections on the net.

Hack the V3—An extensively documented site with detailed instructions and pictures show you how to modify the phone easily. This site is ideal for novice modders. There is a companion site for the V3i.

Free your Razr!—Another great resource for unlocking the true abilities of your phone, this site focuses more than others on the V3m version, although there is useful info for all versions. includes free downloads, user/hack guides and a support forum.

Hack the RAZR!—A website with a lot of guides and tutorials that allow you to unlock and modify many features that Verizon crippled with the release of the v3m.

Motorola.howardforums.com—An internet community dedicated to modifying several phone brands, including Motorola phones.

TheMotoGuide—The premiere guide site for Motorola modding tutorials, this site features guides for modding the Razr, Slvr, V3x, and more in both Windows and Mac OS X

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