open source annual

Open Source Annual

Today I received notice that the Open Source Annual 2007″ will go to the printer on 25 February 2007, and will be presented to the public on 15 March 2007 at the CeBIT. The volume will contain a 15-page article by Yours Truly, which I christened “Die Deutungsoffenheit der Quelle” [The source’s interpretative flexibility], and today’s e-mail notice is one of a chain of long e-mail to-and-fros. What I want to stress is the fact that since long I haven’t felt so comfortable with a board of editors like in the case of the people in charge of the “Open Source Annual”. Those people indeed take their task seriously and really deliver sensible and constructive feedback—cooperation at its best. I could name several examples of editorial boards who seemingly let your accepted manuscripts vanish into a mælstrom black-hole-style, but those concerned know whom I am talking about, I guess. It is absolutely the contrary with above hailed crew. They furnish professional supervision which at times makes you feel to be some superstar author.

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