Day: February 14, 2007

  • artform

    Gaming is the most vital artform of the age, a field that has burgeoned from virtually nothing to one of the world’s most popular forms in no time flat, a field that has seen and continues to see an enormous ferment of creativity, a field that may well become the predominant artform of the 21st…

  • dekotora

    This is a late follow-up to 2005’s ↵zelda vans: ↑Thrilling Wonder features a phantastic ↑series of dekotora truck pictures. See also, if you like, ↑Dekotora at the Wikipedia, and compare to ↵bedford’s appropriation and ↵bedford’s metamorphosis. And for those ↑deep into Japanese trash—(one of the rare clips to which YouTube’s system doesn’t find related ones…

  • web 2.1

    *blink* via entry at mosaikum