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Anthropologist Michael Wesch, himself a YouTube and Web 2.0 buff—see his collaborative weblog Digital Ethnography—, has himself landed a smash hit within said domains: His video Web 2.0 … The Machine is Us/ing Us currently flies around the world. E.g. Technorati just some seconds ago counted 236 links to it at YouTube. In an e-mail to the profession Mike commented:

I was totally blown away last night when my video became a major hit throughout the [I]nternet. Starting at about 6:30 it ↑made the front page of Digg.com, a major internet news base. By this morning it had become the single most blogged about video of the past 48 hours, surpassing even those videos produced by major media outlets. See: ↑http://technorati.com/pop/youtube/ [NB see Web 2.0 … The Machine is Us/ing Us]

This is truly an amazing example of the power of the web 2.0 technologies my video attempts to express. The best part is that it has linked me with several academics doing similar research in Cultural Studies, Media Studies, English, and several other disciplines who I would likely have never met had I not posted the video.

All this reminds me of XML, stylesheets and Maya culture ;-)

tnx to just.be and the medianthro mailing list
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