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Fatal1ty vs. kyle
More than a year ago I added a tidbit to the entry Pure Pwnage at Wikipedia. My addition, which—in the wake of Wikipedia’s Project Internet Culture—meanwhile was moved to the easter eggs section of the now existing entry List of Pure Pwnage episodes, read like that:

In Episode 8, when Doug is competing against 7 other CS:S players, one of his victims is under the alias “f4tality”. This is a nod to ↑Johnathan Wendel, a professional FPS-gamer who goes by the name “Fatal1ty”. Early in his career, Wendel played Counter-Strike before he resorted to single-player games such as Quake III Arena, and recently Painkiller. By the fact that in the episode Doug defeats “f4tality”, it works as a display of Doug’s professional skill level, as Wendel is deemed to be one of the best players worldwide.

The whole thing somehow came full-circle, completely mashing up the barriers and boundaries between fiction and ‘real life’, when Geoff Lapaire (‘Kyle’) played against Jonathan “Fatal1ity” Wendel at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas this January. Lapaire commented: “The highlight of the show for me was getting pwned by Fatal1ty in Quake 4.”

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