the day DRM went down on its knees again
Defeated Samurai
As far as I understand the matter, it now is possible to decrypt the contents of HD DVD and Blu-ray Discs, because for both the same root/master key is used. For all about the processing key and the technicalities, go to the according thread at Doom9. For German-only passers-by, Heise has a story. The whole matter is not only a current one, work and discussion are still going on right now, but is very interesting as well. The contents of said thread, the interaction taking place there, already is a premium example for everybody trying to understand hacker culture. Also very enlightening is SFAM’s well-balanced article at his site cyberpunkreview.com—his entry actually pointed me to the whole thing, tnx (he in turn found it via boingboing). Here is a quote from a comment to his article:

But in the case of people cracking codes; it’s going to happen one way or another. We have been living in the Neuromancer world for decades, people want to break the ice, not just for personal gain but because they can. A bungee jumper doesn’t jump to get paid, but to prove they can, to beat the black ice of physics and become more than who they are. When the button says “do not open” who here has the self-control not to have a peek inside? [“Neuromancer” is a novel by ↑William Gibson (↵1984). In this novel “ice” means “intrusion counter electronics”, think ↑firewall“black ice” means ice being lethal for the intruder or hacker.]

Everything falls into place with the infancy of Internet television and the taming of the boomslang.






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