A Kravatac at Ahern

Just a quick note—I ran into the real thing in Second Life (SL). Yesterday I was proud to accomplish an animation override for my avatar (thanks Sue!), and found a pair of free male prim shoes. For the override you have to stuff a script and the animations into an object, and then your avatar has to wear it. So I for the first time created objects in SL, a bracelet. Then I had an idea. I rezzed a tiny cube, stuffed the override inside, and now wear the cube right in the middle of my left wrist, inside my forearm, that is. Now my avatar is cybernetically augmented via an implant ;-) Being tremendously proud I teleported to my home location, which is always crowded. People should see my new stride. Suddenly, without warning, this thing spawned out of nowhere just beside me. The thing is an avatar actually, 4.5 inworld-meters high (see above, and compare my blue self at the left of the picture, to the huge mech), incredibly detailled, and consisting of 1200+ prims. Parts are animated individually, I zoomed in, but the detail didn’t cease, every high resolution texture applied correctly. It’s a miracle in itself, that, when the thing spawned, the whole area didn’t crash. Later the mech’s pilot took me to the thing’s cradle, situated in a cyberpunk-sim, which graphically is the best I so far have seen in SL. I will report on all this, the people I have met there, what I have seen, and so on, later. Just a little treat … On my wanderings I saw female avatar-hair on sale for 900L$, I saw male avatar-skins for 5000L$—the mech goes for 1000L$ only! Don’t get me wrong, both the costly hair and skins I saw was expert work, real quality, even to the standards of a game modder. But this simply is nothing compared to the man-hours, design-ingenuity, and skills that were necessary to create the Kravatac. Obviously inside SL there are multiple completely different markets, or even economies—symptoms of different cultures.


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