xah toll

Xah Lee

I ran into him in The Future. Xah Toll aka Xah Lee is a professional programmer who was brought to Second Life (SL) by his friend Seifert Surface aka Stanford-mathematician Henry Segerman. The latter is the creator of the famed crooked house—which was a key motivation for my coming to SL—, and of most of the stunning things in The Future. Xah himself is another of those math wizards, fond of the works of M.C. Escher, and creating things in SL that make you hanging on the edge of your seat. If you want to see unending symmetry tiles (as seen in Escher’s work) in 3D, then go and watch Xah’s renditions at The Future, (250,250,506) … that’s cheaper than flying down to Spain and visit the Alhambra. Drenched with hacker ethics—all people who do the ‘real thing’ online are—Xah has put up a Second Life 3D-Construction Tutorial. Although work in progress, it already is quite substantial and a must be for everybody wanting to create the real thing in SL. But there is way more at his site. The Photographic Tour of Life in Second Life is a kind of heuristical geographical and ethnographical overview, showing off a lot of places worthwhile visiting, and never missing giving the SLurls. I especially dig mathematics in SL and mecha in SL. But before diving into those, have a look at Xah’s introduction to SL, and navigate through his website a bit more, there are a lot of goodies to be discovered, like the full text of H. G. Wells Time Machine. Notice his down-to-the-basics technical and visual style of the website—real programmer’s habitus :-)

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