Michael Buckbee runs a “fabjectory”—a wormhole-Stargate connecting cyberspace and meatspace. Fabjectory is a combined word out of fabject and factory. Fabject, like spime, is a neologism by cyberpunk’s chief-ideologist Mr. Bruce Sterling, and means an everyday object made by rapid manufacturing means, like 3D printing. Buckbee’s Fabjectory offers an according service. E.g. within Second Life (SL) you can go to his Fabjectory there, have your avatar photographed, and presto some weeks later a statuette of it will arrive at your place in meatspace. As an example I chose Lex Luthor above: To the left is a screenshot of the SL-avatar, to the right the fabjected statuette. As all this is yet another instance of cyberculture as I envision it, cyberpunk again comes into play. Out of the print-and-fold minicomic Martin Cendreda has made from Cory Doctorow‘s story “Printcrime”—out of the collection Overclocked—, Michael Buckbee has made a SL-version, of which you can get a free copy at his (SLurl:) Fabjectory inworld.

initially via e-mail from anthronaut—tnx mate

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