pondering wiki reciprocity

  “Wikipedia is like ↑bittorrent, if people are interested in a specific article, it get[s] better.” (↑comment by soobrosa to ↑Academia and Wikipedia by Danah Boyd) This is not brandnew, I know, but in the face of my pressingly upcoming ↵teaching project, I just unearthed this from my HDD filing cabinets—and those, too: ↑Situating Wikipedia by Danah Boyd, ↑Who’s afraid of Wikipedia? by Clay Shirky, ↑Wikipedia by Clay Shirky, ↑K5 Article on Wikipedia Anti-elitism by Clay Shirky, and ↑Why Wikipedia Must Jettison Its Anti-Elitism by Larry Sanger. Connected to the issue, but with a twist, are ↵defrag wikipedia, ↵trail of … Continue reading