Detail of the poster for Shane Carruth's movie 'Primer'
Believe it, or not, but Shane Carruth‘s Science-Fiction movie ‘Primer’ is the most succesful movie of all time. You thought Cameron’s ‘Avatar’ holds that rank? Not at all … have some figures: ‘Primer’ took 60 times more at the box office than the sum of its production costs (Budget: $7,000; Gross revenue: $424,760). In contrast, ‘Avatar’ did not even take 12 times more than its production budget (Budget: $237 million; Gross revenue: $2,779,404,183).
    Why I am telling you this? Not sure, but I guess it’s because I’ve only seen the movie once yet, and still have to think about it. My only advice so far: Go and watch, but don’t read any spoilers beforehand (they wouldn’t help you anyway).

CARRUTH, SHANE. 2004. Primer [motion picture]. New York City: TH!NKFilm.
‘Primer’ (as a follow up to la jetée) via email from Fab—tnx!
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