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Philip K. DickMeanwhile ten works of Philip K. Dick have been made into motion pictures—plus one to be released in 2012. Here are the pairs, the novel or short story by PKD, followed by the motion-picture adaptation, in reverse chronological order of the release of the motion pictures.

DICK, PHILIP KINDRED. 1953. The king of the elves. Beyond Fantasy Fiction 1(2) [September 1953]: 142-164.
WILLIAMS, CHRIS. 2012. King of the elves [animated motion picture]. Burbank: Walt Disney Animation Studios.

DICK, PHILIP KINDRED. 1985 [1976]. Radio free Albemuth. Westminster: Arbor House.
SIMON, JOHN ALAN. 2010. Radio free Albemuth [motion picture]. Los Angeles: Utopia Pictures & Television.

DICK, PHILIP KINDRED. 1954. The golden man. If 1(9) [April 1954]: 4-28.
TAMAHORI, LEE. 2007. Next [motion picture]. Hollywood: Paramount Pictures.

DICK, PHILIP KINDRED. 1977. A scanner darkly. New York: Vintage.
LINKLATER, RICHARD. 2006. A scanner darkly [motion picture]. Burbank: Warner Independent Pictures.

DICK, PHILIP KINDRED. 1953. Paycheck. Imagination 4(5) [June 1953]: 78-111.
WOO, JOHN. 2003. Paycheck [motion picture]. Hollywood, Universal City: Paramount Pictures, Dreamworks.

DICK, PHILIP KINDRED. 1953. Impostor. Astounding Science Fiction 51(4) [June 1953]: 58-70.
FLEDER, GARY. 2002. Impostor [motion picture]. New York: Dimension Films.

DICK, PHILIP KINDRED. 1956. The minority report. Fantastic Universe 4(6)[January 1956]: 4-36.
SPIELBERG, STEVEN. 2002. Minority report [motion picture]. Century City: 20th Century Fox.

DICK, PHILIP KINDRED. 1953. Second variety. Space Science Fiction 1(6) [May 1953]: 102-145.
DUGUAY, CHRISTIAN. 1995. Screamers [motion picture]. Culver City: Triumph Films.

DICK, PHILIP KINDRED. 1975. Confessions of a crap artist. Glen Ellen: Enthwistle Books.
BOIVIN, JÉRÔME. 1992. Confessions d’un Barjo [motion picture]. Paris: France 3 cinéma.

DICK, PHILIP KINDRED. 1966. We can remember it for you wholesale. The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction 30(4) [April 1966]: 4-23.
VERHOEVEN, PAUL. 1990. Total Recall [motion picture]. Culver City: Tristar Pictures.

DICK, PHILIP KINDRED. 1968. Do androids dream of electric sheep? New York: Doubleday.
SCOTT, RIDLEY. 1982. Blade Runner [motion picture]. Burbank: Warner Brothers.

Additionally can be mentioned the sequel to ‘Screamers,’ and the short-lived Canadian television series ‘Total Recall 2070:’

WILSON, SHELDON. 2009. Screamers: The hunting [motion picture, direct-to-DVD]. Culver City: Triumph Films.
MONTERASTELLI, ART. 1999. Total Recall 2070 [television series]. Hamilton: OnTV.

And by the way, today is Jules Verne‘s birthday, and the anniversary of the death of Julius Schwartz—both childhood heroes of mine.

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