Of course you can accuse me and my consorts to be computergame-aficionados, but the importance of computergames, not only for culture and society, but for technology and economy as well, meanwhile is percepted more and more. Hence it is a shame that computergames still are somewhat underrepresented museum- and exhibitionwise. Stanford’s Henry Lowood has aptly put it: ‘Since the late 20th century, cultural history includes digital game culture. It is not only the case that the history of this medium will be lost if we do not preserve the history of digital games, but also that we will not be able to provide a complete cultural history of this period.’ Now, after years of nomadism, Berlin’s ‘Computerspielemuseum’ is back, no, not online, but back in a new home in the physical world, featuring a new permanent exhibition:

[The Computerspielemuseum], which was opened in Berlin in 1997, was the world’s first permanent exhibition devoted to digital interactive entertainment culture. Since then, we have documented the development of the medium at over 30 national and international events. Our new permanent exhibition “Computerspiele. Evolution eines Mediums” (“Computer Games. Evolution of a Medium”) opened on the 21st of January, 2011. You will find more than 300 exhibits in an interactive and experiment-friendly environment that conveys the cultural history of computer and video games. You are invited on an entertaining expedition to meet the game players of the 21st century. Numerous rare original exhibits, playable classic games and assorted media productions help you exploring the world of “Homo Ludens Digitalis.”

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