tie rendering

My rendition of a TIE Interceptor, built in the flesh, then with the LDraw-based MLCad, and finall rendered with POVRay
It seems like I can’t resist the gravity of the vast moc- and afol-scene. And thick participation means, among other things, sharing practices. So I followed the comprehensive tutorial Converting LDR Files to POV Files for Rendering by Jeroen de Haan and Jake McKee and then ran my rendition of a TIE Interceptor (which I built first in the flesh, and then with the LDraw-based MLCad) through POVRay. All that reminded me very much of ye olde days of game modding. Here’s how my model (every single part of it stems from the 1970s!) looks in meatspace:
My own rendition of a TIE Interceptor

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