My new hardware parts

Here we are! Princes of the universe!

They‘re here since some days already, but I didn’t yet come around to celebrate them as they deserve it. This is because I’m a bit knocked down by some nasty infection in the throat—but meanwhile I’m comfortably high on a cocktail of medication. The most parts of it I can’t pronounce, let alone spell correctly. Healers’ magic.
    Anyway. Here’s what you can see above, still undead in its coffins.
    Motherboard: Asus Sabertooth P67 | CPU: Intel Core i5-2400 | Memory: Corsair Vengeance 16GB | Graphics Cards: 2x Asus HD 6950 2GB (Crossfire)
    The rationale behind this assemble goes like that: Teamed in a Crossfire-rig the two HD 6950s in many respects outperform high-end cards working alone, and both twins together still are way cheaper than a HD 6990 or a GTX 590.
    With the CPU it’s a similar story. The absolute top of the heap, the i7-2600K, is ridiculously overpriced. Next in line would be the i5-2500K, but “[f]rom the standpoint of raw compute power, Core i5-2500K offers very little over the cheaper Core i5-2400.” Quite obviously (see above) I don’t need the Intel graphics that come with the 2500K. The overclocking feature I won’t have time to play around with, so the 2400 it is.
    The Sabertooth I took, because it’s the board of choice in many reference and testing systems.
    And the Corsair Vengeance memory? Well, it’s blue.
    Now I’m praying that my 700W supply of divine spark will suffice to bring it all to life.

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