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Dogon Village by Dario Menasce
Over at the Ethno::log the issue of the Dogon in particular and Africa in general—respectively how they are represented by the traditional mass media—recently has crept up three times in short sequence. First the entry Afrika by mawingu triggered some discussion. Three days later an entry on an article in the Neue Zürcher Zeitung again triggered a discussion, mainly circling around the topic of stereotypes used in representing Africa, the Dogon in particular here. Finally yesterday the Dogon returned because of an article on them in Die Zeit.
    To the wider public the Dogon mainly are renowned for their architecture. The above picture was taken by Dario Menasce—a particle physicist, working at CERN.
    In one of the mentioned discussions KerLeone says that he can’t judge certain facts, because he never has been there. Which is a downright lie. I positively know that you have been in a Dogon village. In the very same one I have been. Here’s a snapshot I have taken during my recent visit (only some weeks ago) to said village:
A screenshot of the Dogon village in Far Cry 2

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