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Detail of a screencap from 'Runaway' (Crichton 1984), showing a cut-open smart bullett
The picture shows a cut-open smart bullett which homes in on a person’s individual unique heat pattern or signature. The screencap is from Runaway,’ a 1984 cyberpunk flic directed by Michael Crichton, starring Tom Selleck and Kirstie Alley.
Sandia Labs' self-guided bullet prototype
And this is a promotional picture of Sandia National Laboratories’ self-guided bullet prototype from a 30 January 2012 press release. It’s not heat seeking, but a kind of miniature laser-guided rocket fired from small-caliber, smooth-bore firearms. Mr. Roboto over at cyberpunkreview immediately remembered the bullett from the 1984 movie, when he saw Sandia’s prototype. Additionally he had the fine idea that the MPAA now should sue Sandia Labs for copyright infringement. To complete the surreal cyberpunkish air of the story, here is a snippet from the press release:
    ‘Potential customers for the bullet include the military, law enforcement and recreational shooters.’
    Well, I guess Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg (Gary Oldman) of The Fifth Element (Besson 1997) fame although would try to sell weapons firing smart bulletts to everyone. Here is Zorg demonstrating the according capability of his product, the ZF-1:
Zorg (Gary Oldman) demonstrating the smart-bullett capability of the ZF-1 in 'The Fifth Element' (Besson 1997)

BESSON, LUC. 1997. The fifth element [motion picture]. Paris: Gaumont.
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2 responses to “smart bulletts”

  1. 風露 Avatar

    “This kills you an everyone else in the room” (Adam Savage, 2005) pops into my mind.

    1. zephyrin_xirdal Avatar

      :-) I wouldn’t have associated it with the Mythbusters, but the quote is apt. Especially in respect to Zorg demonstrating the ZF-1—I tried to get a good screenshot, but the action is hard to grab in a still, watching the motion is best.

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