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  • 風露 Saturday, 16th June 2012 at 13:28

    Somehow I think it will go the same path almost every single one of these gagdets went in the past: straight to oblivion. There will be a certain hype about it, some ‘hardnerds’ most certainly are going to buy it, but in the end it will be too expensive (500 USD is about the same as a nice high-end graphics card, for example, and not many people are buying these) and not versatile enough, since it only seems to make sense for firstperson-gameplay. And finally, using the goggles, you can’t see your desk/keyboard/cup of coffee any longer, which is kind of a disadvantage as well…

    Speaking of immersion, I would rather spend my money on some nice realtime headtracking device for stereo headphones instead

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