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  • klandestino Thursday, 18th October 2012 at 18:37

    ” but to their satisfaction they had seen that I was serious about their sport and cared for it (…) Once you have demonstrated respect, prolongued interest, and willingness to invest, you’re in.”
    This is so right! Water on my mills ;-)
    And your anecdote about bodybuilders is so right, too. As Kai Greene [in my view one of the most interesting bodybuilders (in the strict sense of the term!!) because of his mental strength] – once said:
    I’ll never be a weightlifter.” So, it’s not that important how much weight you lift, but HOW you do it. In this case it’s the quality, not the quatity (recurring to your headline).

    • zephyrin_xirdal Friday, 19th October 2012 at 11:56

      Completely agreed. As everything which has real worth (in my opinion), serious working out at the gym, or bodybuilding as a sport, can not be reduced to numbers. All quantifying the big boys do is understood as a mere tool. Above that bodybuilding is not just about results, it also very much is about the experience of the practice. As you said: “it’s not that important how much weight you lift, but HOW you do it.” It’s about the precision and quality of every move, and the experience of it. Same with the intellectual understanding of the geometry and mechanics of our skeletal muscular apparatus: It is a step to something far more important, to feeling it, to ‘understand’ it on a deeper, embodied level. All this is just a hint towards what a rich and multilayered set of practices or lifestyle bodybuilding is.

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