massive filing up

A filing cabinet
You might perhaps have noticed that during the past weeks the overall number of entries here at xirdalium has substantially increased. Including this one, there now are 1058 posts all in all. This is due to my finally having imported all the content from my first blog, ye ole xirdalium, which is no longer in existence. You can access all this content via the pages menu at the very bottom of the page, via the monthly archives at the bottom of the sidebar to the right, or, best of all, via the search field, also in the sidebar. Every single post is probably indexed by Relevanssi, the search module implemented in xirdalium—even the free version I am using here is excellent, employing logical search operators AND and OR, highlighting the search terms in the search results, giving you the results weighted by relevance, and so on. In contrast to the indexing for the search function, which is done by Relevanssi itself, the tagging and sorting of posts into the congeries unfortunately has to be done by me handishly—there simply is no other way. Hence the tagcloud and the congeries menu, both also in the sidebar, have not yet caught up with all the imported content. I already began with sorting and tagging, but for quite some time the search function will remain the most reliable and comprehensive means of finding things here. Above that you will run into posts which not yet are formatted properly, which lack pictures, and which contain broken links. Fixing of all this is under way, but will take some time. Nevertheless, all the text is there.

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