there’s a glow

This is the music video for the song ‘There’s a glow’ by the band NO, a Los Angeles-, respectively Echo-Park-based Indie sextet, which just published its debut album ‘El Prado.’ Filmmaker Johnny Agnew almost entirely filmed the video within the computer game ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ (GTA V | Rockstar North 2013)—my, my, how machinima has developed since I first posted about it in 2005 or so. I especially do like the ironic, humoresque ambience and narrative of the video, very gamer-like. And as we are already at it: not that I’d have time for it, but where are the PC-versions of GTA V and ‘Red Dead Redemption’ (RDR | Rockstar San Diego 2010), Rockstar, eh?

AGNEW, JOHNNY. 2014. No | There’s a glow [machinima, music video]. Auckland: Mr Senor Film Production.
ROCKSTAR NORTH. 2013. Grand Theft Auto V [computer game]. New York: Rockstar Games, Take-Two Interactive.
ROCKSTAR SAN DIEGO. 2010. Red Dead Redemption [computer game]. New York: Rockstar Games, Take-Two Interactive.
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