blade runner novel pt.1

AEW. 2001. Blade Runner Novel Pt.1. mod-type: levels, music release date: 06 September 2001 release package: [9MB] package contains: br2.mpm [34MB] | br2.txt [3KB] download: at filefront accompanying br2.txt: ———————————————————————— Blade Runner Novel Pt.1 Author AEW Author walwin[at] ———————————————————————— Type of modification:Level,music Build Time: 45 hours ———————————————————————— Description: Blade Runner Story First part (of many I hope) of a BladeRunner novel starring Max Payne Those hung up on no new skin can pretend Payne’s real coat is in the cleaners. Features:AI scripting, sounds, music and a story. This is the start of what I hope to be many levels … Continue reading