blade runner novel pt.1

AEW. 2001. Blade Runner Novel Pt.1.
mod-type: levels, music
release date: 06 September 2001
release package: [9MB]
package contains: br2.mpm [34MB] | br2.txt [3KB]
download: at filefront

accompanying br2.txt:

Blade Runner Novel Pt.1
Author AEW
Author walwin[at]
Type of modification:Level,music
Build Time: 45 hours
Description: Blade Runner Story
First part (of many I hope) of a BladeRunner novel starring Max Payne
Those hung up on no new skin can pretend Payne’s real coat is in the cleaners.
Features:AI scripting, sounds, music and a story.
This is the start of what I hope to be many levels outlining a story in the Blade Runner universe.
Those who have followed my work will really like this.
BladeRunner fans must check this out.
Installation Info:
Unzip to Max Payne directory
Run game and select mod at config window
Thanks and credits…
Nicholas Coulter for saving me a ton of research time. He discovered how to effectively use text to convey a story in the game.
He also helped me keep the right train of thought for my camera work.
Good Job NC!
“Mothkid” for doing an outstanding job in getting me some great BR sound/visual bytes.
His stuff is pure gold for my work. Without it my level would have been a lot duller.
To the Remedy folks I hope my work gives you satisfaction in knowing how fantastic your editor really is. I never thought I could pull off what I have done.
And it’s only the beginning.
My favorite all time movie is Blade Runner. Rent the Blade Runner movie if you havn’t! This movie is the classiest sci fi movie ever made period. It still sells out whenever it’s re-released to theatres. I hope the execs see the how my work will only boost sales/rentals for the movie.

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