backstreets II

MPH. 2001. Backstreets II.

mod-type: levels
release date: 17 November 2001
release package: [8MB]
package contains: mph – Backstreets II.mpm [21MB] | Readme.txt [2KB]
download: at filefront

accompanying Readme.txt:


Backstreets II
17th November 2001
> Unzip the “mph – Backstreets II.mpm” file to your Max Payne directory: eg: “C:\Program Files\Max Payne”
> Run Max Payne, and select “mph – Backstreets II” from the custom game drop-down list when the dialog appears
Map Info
Build Time : 23rd September > 16th November
Render Time : 28 hours (approx)
Compile machine: AMD Athlon 1.2ghz, 256mb RAM

Render Settings: Radiosity Viewport : 60
Radiosity Passes : 2
Radiosity Boost : 210
Radiosity Backplane: 40

Playing Time : 10-15 mins
Difficulty : Medium > Hard
This is my second Max Payne level, and I think you’ll find it’s an improvement over my first. Hope you enjoy it. You can play it on the 3 difficultly levels, and on New York Minute mode as well, which should keep it alive a bit longer.

This will be my last single map for Max Payne for quite a while, as I’m working on the Dodge This mod ( There might be more Backstreets maps, but I won’t be making them as I’m too busy.

If you have any comments, feedback etc then e-mail me at mph[at] (there are no typos in that address btw)
Lighting isn’t perfect, but not too bad
Bullets hit transparent bit in between curtains
Snows in that little hut building :-)
> – Max Payne prefabs
> Remedy for some of their prefabs and textures again
> And all the people who e-mailed me about the first map, I probably wouldn’t have got around to making this sequel if they hadn’t asked me to do another ;-)

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