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Just three hours after my musing on AlanWAKEnet becoming the official fansite and the developers’ attitude towards the fanhood, MikaRMD announced AlanWAKEnet to be the game’s official fansite:

It also gives me a great pleasure that we can announce as official fan site. The site is still owned and run by our long time fan, ADoomedMarine. By calling it an official fan site, I hope that we (our guys at Remedy) can make forums our interactive “home” on the internet. The official home pages at will, of course, be the place to get the latest official news and downloads. I’m sure that some of you know that during the Max Payne games our home was at the 3DR Forums ( It offered a great place for us to talk with different people and, of course, for people to talk to each other. This is what we want to achieve with

Us (Remedy, again) having a special place to post things did not stop us from doing pretty nice things with other fan sites like having interviews, dropping by occasionally and chatting with people, and giving away cool things as prizes. We like our fan sites, have always had good relationship with our fans and intend to continue doing so in the future. So, if you are intending to put up a fan site, I urge you to go ahead. Just put a bit of thought into what makes your site unique and interesting to other people. Just like with different games, there is wealth in diversity.

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