road to wake

Alan Wake on the road
At Remedy‘s official Alan Wake website a read the buzz section has been added, being a link-collection to press-comments on the presentation of Alan Wake at E3. Furthermore a link to the AlanWAKE.Net Forums has been prominently placed—the developer-company has linked itself officially to the emerging community. At the latter forums there now are world exclusive screencaps of the E3 tech demo to be seen. Naturally they are quite blurry, but are giving a little more impression of Pride Falls’ universe. Call it marketing-strategy or what you like—I sense it to be something more, an integral part of the online-culture of computergames and gamemodding at large. There are direct hints to the Remedy-staff not merely playing the game of marketing, but feeling a certain affection to, maybe even ‘communitas’ with the gamemodders. For example their longtime presence at various Max-Payne forums and practiced interaction, and—most revealing—a ‘secret’ Max-Payne-modding project which one of the Remedy-guys does together with a handpicked posse of modders. In the end, this play of teasing, of secrecy and piecemeal revealing, of luring one to the imagination of being close to the closed developers’ laboratory, definitely has its psychological effect on me. I already feel being there, on the road to Pride Falls.

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