Last night a great reunion of the old MPHQ-gang members took place. I talked to GutBomb via IM and he meant: “dude | for old times sake | come to irc”. So I went to our old IRC-channell which in fact didn’t exist anymore. We started to contact the others and astoundingly fast a lot of them came. In order of appearance: da12thMonkey, sach, Scuzz, Fraeon, Ken_Y, Kendo, Crackypipe, [HP], Corwin, Hypher, and Mentor. That’s not the complete posse of old. More were contacted, but e.g. jimeh SMSed back to Gut that he currently was on a boat in the mediterranean and had no Internet-access there. It may be just me, but real-time information like that always gives me a tremendous feeling of at the very moment actually being in a global community. And although MPHQ vanished a long time ago, the inner core of the community still harbours a feeling of commonness, and remains in contact latently.

We started the session on 06 May 2005 at 22:00 and I finally left on 07 May 2005 01:38. Besides the immediately starting familiar joking and teasing it quickly showed that there is a sense for the own past or history of communal interaction. Lots of files from everybody’s HDDs were dug up and uploaded for the others to [re]view. Bits of text, pictures, videos, and stored away copies of old community sites were made accessible again. Everything accompanied by merrily chatting about memories and private issues. And then there was proof that the Internet indeed is haunted by the occasional appearance of the supernatural. Let me make you rewitness a minute of strange plus two minutes of IRC joking-relationship:

[00:09] <GutBomb> you talk about something awful more than i talk about my beautiful daughter
[00:09] <sach> shut the fuck up faggot
[00:09] * GutBomb was kicked by sach (faggot)
[00:09] <GutBomb> my daughter is beautiful btw :D
[00:10] <sach> what the hell
[00:10] * GutBomb has joined #[our channel]
[00:10] <GutBomb> ha
[00:10] <crackypipe> I witnessed it
[00:10] <sach> gutbomb has powers
[00:11] <Scuzzini> i also witnessed it
[00:11] <zephyrelli> I witnessed it, too

Another definite proof that there is voodoo on the net.

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