Day: August 25, 2005

  • DGV05: new logic of conflict

    Local conflicts go online by ↑Birgit Bräuchler In contrast to conventional (mass)media the so called ‘new media’—among them the most prominent Internet—stand out due to criteria like interaction, multimediality, transcending location, and networking. Because of the named criteria the Internet is able to add a global dimension to local conflicts. This is exemplified by a…

  • computervisualistik

    Now one can study game design in Germany: ↑Computervisualistik. Very interesting is the ↑bibliography acompanying the lecture ‘computergames’. Deutschlandfunk has an ↑Interview on Computervisualistik—↑published at Spiegel Online, too. [Everything in German.] via entry at 2R