Day: October 31, 2005

  • faster

    For the first time ↵I was faster ↑than Industrial Technology & Witchcraft, but of course still ↑way slower than boingboing ↑and slashdot.

  • writing hypermedia

    The secret of the stairs at Aragon  Essentially, hypermedia is a non-linear multi-media document. By its inclusion of data stored by using the more traditional technologies of representation (film and text for example), in a user-directed, non-linear publication, hypermedia creates a fresh, user-driven means for reading and writing culture. [↵Anderson 1999] So far I agree—but…

  • ethnographic hypermedia

    ↑ANDERSON, KEVIN TAYLOR. 1999. ↑Ethnographic hypermedia: Transcending thick descriptions. ↑SIGHTS: Visual Anthropology Forum. Working paper from the visual anthropology workshop and course Transcultural Images and Visual Anthropology organized by ↑The Centre for Cross-Cultural Research, 3 to 28 August, 1998. Canberra: Australian National University of Canberra. Electronic Document. Available online: http://cc.joensuu.fi/sights/kevin.htm  In 1986 Marcus and Clifford…