massive literature update

Pitfalls of virtual property (↵Bartle 2004) The power of gifts: organizing social relationships in open source communities (↵Bergquist & Ljungberg 2001) Anthropological perspectives on technology (↵Schiffer 2001) Technology as the anthropology of cultural practice (↵Aunger 2003) Ethnologie des joueurs d’échecs (↵Wendling 2002) Pushing the wood: Chess playing as an anthropological subject (↵Lavenda 2003) Nexus: Small worlds and the groundbreaking science of networks (↵Buchanan 2002) Six degrees: The science of a connected age (↵Watts 2003) A new science for a connected world (↵Valverde 2004) Self-organization and identification of web communities (↵Flake et al. 2002) A highly efficient waste of effort: Open … Continue reading