massive literature update

Pitfalls of virtual property (Bartle 2004)
The power of gifts: organizing social relationships in open source communities (Bergquist & Ljungberg 2001)
Anthropological perspectives on technology (Schiffer 2001)
Technology as the anthropology of cultural practice (Aunger 2003)
Ethnologie des joueurs d’échecs (Wendling 2002)
Pushing the wood: Chess playing as an anthropological subject (Lavenda 2003)
Nexus: Small worlds and the groundbreaking science of networks (Buchanan 2002)
Six degrees: The science of a connected age (Watts 2003)
A new science for a connected world (Valverde 2004)
Self-organization and identification of web communities (Flake et al. 2002)
A highly efficient waste of effort: Open source software development as a specific system of collective production. (Gläser 2003)
The new superorganic (Hanson 2004)
Further inflections: Toward ethnographies of the future (Harding 1994)
Real fictional society: Agonic relations in online gaming communities (Kline 2004)
The anthropology of cities: Imagining and theorizing the city (Low 1996)
Roles and knowledge management in online technology communities: An ethnography study (Madanmohan & Navelkar 2004)
Social networks and cooperation in electronic communities: A theoretical-empirical analysis of academic communication and Internet discussion groups (Matzat 2001)
Academic communication and Internet discussion groups: Transfer of information or creation of social contacts? (Matzat 2004)
History and play: Johan Huizinga and his critics (Anchor 1978)
A sociological perspective of sport (Leonard 1980)
Leisure and sport (Brezina 1983)
Can culture be copyrighted? (Brown 1998)
Art, behavior, and the anthropologists (Dutton 1977)

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