bounty hunter

bounty hunter

During the last nights, in the hours when I couldn’t find sleep—and believe me, I can’t find sleep—I read Do androids dream of electric sheep? (Dick 2005[1968]) in order to really get into the cyberpunk-mood. And I succeeded. When I got up this morning I was in the mood and went out to buy the Blade Runner DVD. Headed straight for the biggest store in town. No luck, hardly could believe it. I mean, it’s a classic. Anyway, went on hunting and haunted several joints, till I found an expert clerk who told me that the DVD was no more available. They had released a special edition, in a huge, shiny black box or so he said, several years ago. But then they took it off the market, he couldn’t even order it for me. Hell, I want that movie. I do not just want to watch it—I already have seen it several times, how else—I want to own it. All the time I have to read and hear about Hollywood complaining and whining because of so-called movie-piracy. Now I am standing here, a willing customer, who already roamed all over the city to buy, and I emphasize: to buy! something from you. And you are not able to keep a tremendously influential classic of contemporary culture on the shelves?

All right, what choice do I have? What choice have you left me? Heading over to the “darknet”, right? That’s exactly what I did, and I got a shitty DivX-version with annoying subtitles and a soundtrack out of sync. Watched it for 1hr 14min and 24secs till I couldn’t stand it anymore. Back into the net, hunting. Finally I found the right thing … the torrent client says to me: 26 days to go. k bai tnx. Wait, no, if that’s the way it is, so be it. And I am positive that the torrent soon will evolve into a mælstrom. For sure.

Funny thing is, that I still want to purchase an original DVD. Complete with box, bonus-material, leaflet, and whatyouhave. T-shirt definitely is not necessary. Ah yes, I hear you saying to your screen: “Head over to eBay or amazon, and you sure get what you’re searching for, n00b.” To hell with it, I want to watch the director’s cut tonight, when again I can’t find sleep, just to stay in the mood. And then I will order a boxed DVD, even a second hand one is ok by me. Btw, meanwhile the torrent is a mælstrom.

Friend just phoned me. I’ll go out and have a couple of gin tonics with him, then I’ll return here. When all pieces have arrived till then, I’ll roast the thing and head home. Can’t sleep anyway.

Tyrrel's niece?

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