tally’s eyes

Tally Isham's eyes

“Look, Turner, here’s your leading lady.” The man smiled up at Jane Hamilton, who smiled back, her wide blue eyes clear and perfect, each iris ringed with the minute gold lettering of the Zeiss Ikon logo. Turner froze, caught in a split-second lock of indecision. The star was close, too close, and the pale man was rising.

Turner looked at her. She was twenty, four years his junior, and earned roughly nine times his annual salary in a given week. She was blonde, her hair cropped short for the series role, deeply tanned, and looked as if she was illuminated from within by sunlamps. The blue eyes were inhumanly perfect optical instruments, grown in vats in Japan. She was both actress and camera, her eyes worth several
million New Yen, and in the hierarchy of Sense/Net stars, she barely rated.
—William Gibson, Count Zero (↵Gibson 1986)

Apparently in her willowy early thirties, her only obvious augments were a pair of pale blue Zeiss implants. A young French fashion reporter had once referred to these as »modishly outdated«; the reporter, Net legend said, had never worked again.
—William Gibson, Mona Lisa Overdrive (↵Gibson 1988)

“Don’t know… I… I..don’t know such stuff,” Chew answers, “I just do eyes, jus.. jus.. Jus… just eyes… genetic design, just eyes.” Gazing up at the silent replicant, Chew then says… “You Nexus, huh? I design you’ eyes.”
—Hampton Fancher & David Peoples, Blade Runner [see ↑Blade Runner Scripts]

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