cyberia 1994


The word cyberia, oftentimes used synonymously to cyberspace, might have been coined by writer Douglas Rushkoff, see his book “Cyberia: Life in the trenches of hyperspace” (Rushkoff 1994). Alas, the term popped up at least three times more in the very same year: On 12 January 1994 Interplay released Xatric Entertainment Inc.’s action-adventure computergame Cyberia for the DOS-platform. Additionally, according to Jonathan Duffy’s BBC-News article Will internet cafés survive 10 more years? on 02 September 1994 “what is widely believed to be the UK’s first internet café, Cyberia, opened in a back street in London’s West End.” And just to make the confusion complete: Arturo Escobar‘s article “Welcome to Cyberia. Notes on the anthropology of cyberculture” (Escobar 1994), very influential within sociocultural anthropology, and seminal to cyberanthropology, was published in the June 1994 issue of Current Anthropology.

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