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The Guy Kewney and Karen Bowerman

That’s just wonderful: The BBC wanted to interview IT journalist Guy Kewney live on air for BBC News 24. When the scheduled interview was close, a producer went to the reception of Television Centre and called out: “Guy Kewney!” One man raised his hands and was immediately deported to the studio where “BBC consumer affairs correspondent” Karen Bowerman started to interview him on the verdict in the legal battle between the Beatles’ Apple Corps and Apple Computer. The man was a cab driver who had waited for his fare at the reception, and maybe raised his hand because he wanted to transport Guy Kewney in his taxi. When Ms Bowerman addressed him as an IT expert and founder of, the man briefly showed astonishment, but then immediately took up the role and answered the questions. In my opinion he just tried to be a good sport and didn’t want to see Ms Bowerman’s live interview smashed to smithereens. Read the whole story at Daily Mail—there’s a clip of the interview [.wmv | 3.0MB], too.
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