red woman

Red Woman

On Saturday I had Spaghetti al Tonno for a late dinner. Within ten minutes after having finished the plate the ache started. Don’t ask me about the night, as my intestines were well messed up. The whole Sunday I spent lying around, living on a diet consisting of rusk and quite healthy tea. Then in the evening, in the wake of a series of accidental coincidences, I learned of a movie-project, which seemed to perfectly match the state of my inner system.

There is a cyberpunk-movie in the making, or planned, or whatever, here in Munich. Low-budget, B-picture, independent—I don’t know. As I understand the matter, the project is undertaken by people out of the late Rainer Werner Fassbinder‘s vicinity. The project is called “Red Woman” or “The Kiss of ‘Red Woman'”. There is a whole array of interconnected websites online—which could well belong to an Alternate Reality Game (ARG)—giving “information” on the movie [what I found, in alphabetical order: ↑, ↑, ↑, ↑, ↑, ↑, ↑, and ↑]. In fact the websites themselves and the whole link-structure are quite messy, horrible webdesign, mixture of English, German, and Spanish, plus .mp3s and real media downloads, the latter using an obscure codec I’ve yet to fathom. But the mess is the message, I guess. Here is what I think I was able to deduce:

The story takes place in the city of Munich, a neon-cluttered Munich of the year 2013. An omnipotent media-corporation called “Media Pax” is in control of society and feeds the public’s needs via omnipresent videoscreens. The essential format broadcasted is a cruel Running-Man or Rollerball-type show. The show’s star is Red Woman, a female half-android [that’s a cyborg, ain’t it?], another time called a replicant. The “chipproto-star” [↑TallyIsham anyone?] Red Woman does no more oblige to the game and breaks away from the show’s set. She teams up with KnowHowSusi, hard core bad girl, former freelance journalist working for New Media, now leading a double life as respectable clerk at the European Patent Office, and head of the hacker-group rebel media—the pocket of resistance against Media Pax. “Smart chip-girlz are on their getaway from industrial-strength sticky boyz—and sticky media images.” Susi teaches Red Woman how to activate her “rebel module” [maybe some uber-cool cyberbionic implant?], and Media Pax sends the killer Umberto Master after her. During the course of the girls’ getaway through the city they kidnap some executives from Media Pax, and with the help of the “street wise” they produce their own show which is broadcastedon the videoscreens by means of the hackercraft.

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