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Chinese shocking roulette

China definitely is the world’s factory. No matter what kind of product I turn around—be it the cheapest plastic toy, little-finger sized, or be it a high-end expedition sleeping back, or be it any random electronic device, no matter from which price-segment—always I am going to find the embossed imprint “Made in China”. China manufactures everything. Everything. Remember VirTra Systems’ glorious idea? Well, the fatal feedback has returned … today Anthronaut notified me by e-mail of a party-gadget called “Shocking Roulette”. A quick search revealed that in China of course a similar item is produced. The picture above shows the Chinese version, Model No. SY-8601 made by Skywaiter Technology Co., Limited, “founded in 1999 [and] specialized in professional manufacture and sales of LED items and electronic items in China.”

Shocking Roulette

This picture shows the item Anthronaut pointed me to. Several online shops keep it in stock. On one of those commercial sites I found this description: “This is a test of nerves. Choose the number of players, insert your fingers, and press the start button. When the bleeping stops, the screaming starts! The victim is selected at random to receive a jolt to [?] the system!” But the best thing of the advertising text is the attached Warning, set in bold type: “Choking Hazard—Contains small parts not suitable for children under 3 years.”

Lightning Reaction

And then I finally found this design. It’s called “Lightning Reaction” and comes in two versions. The original one, and the “Extreme” one: “When you hit the start button in the center of the game the red light will begin to flash and begin to play a haunting music [the red light plays music?]. When the right light turns green and the music stops the last person to hit their button gets the shock. If you think you want to cheat by pressing the button early (you would never do that would you) you get the shock for the penalty.” Gameplay definitely improved, ain’t it? But there are even more ‘complex’ games of that kind, coming close to the Bond-vs.-Largo thing of “Never-say-never-again” fame:

Shocking Tanks

“Shock Tanks is a radio controlled tank battle. You’ll get two tanks and two remote controls, complete with all the batteries installed, in a nifty little package. Each tank is equipped with a special laser cannon. Every time you hit your opponent’s tank, he or she will receive a painful electric shock from the remote controller! The object is to knock his tank out of commission, and make him suffer in the process. Imagine the insanity!”—well said.

I am absolutely convinced that all of those items are manufactured in China.

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