blog novel?

William Gibson

I’m not sure what the man’s up to. We know that quite some time ago he had quit blogging because for him it didn’t go together well with writing a novel. When The Guardian‘s Hamish Mackintosh asked him in 2003 if there was an art to blogging, he answered: “I think there is and I don’t think I’ve necessarily mastered it yet! I have got that feeling of when you’re working in a new form and you start to feel the edges of it and it’s really intuitive. However, if I’m ever going to write another book, I’m going to have to quit doing my blog as I have a hunch it interferes with the ecology of being a novelist.” Either blogging or writing a novel—he chose the latter. Then he came back to his blog and stated there now and again that he indeed was writing a new novel. Recently it caught my eye that some of his blog entries have changed to novelette style, see this month’s entries. Has he fused blog and novel, and are we reading snippets from his upcoming novel straight out of the workshop?

photography by Karen Moskowitz

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