wake by radio

  This indeed is an unusual specimen of fan-made artefact—the first one of its kind I ran across thus far. At myspace music there is the ↑Alan Wake 24-Hour Real-Time Online Radio Serial, seemingly brought to us straight from Silver City, Panama: “Alan Wake wakes with amnesia … And the mysteries continue to unravel.” This hardly can be called player-made content, as their are no players of ↑Alan Wake, because the game has not yet been released. After having seen ↵“A Dream within a Dream” in an e-mail to me ↑Bryan Alexander jokingly dubbed this piece of ↑fan machinima produced … Continue reading


welcome to bright falls

  ADM, whom I know already for quite some time—in fact as long as ye olde days of ↑Max-Payne modding glory—has made his promise true and, on 22 September 2006, fired a new ↑Alan-Wake fansite online: ↑ The weblog focusses on the news about Alan Wake, and ADM, with his excellent contacts to Remedy, does a tremendous job of collecting every item published on Alan Wake, as soon as it is published. There was quite some of it during the last three months. Head over to ADM’s new site if you want to know everything about the game which there … Continue reading


in the wake of modding

  Now is the time to hop aboard: “↑Remedy Entertainment, the developer of the ↑Max Payne games and one of the leading independent game studios in the world, is ↑looking for Gameplay Designers to work on the upcoming next-generation title ↑Alan Wake.” The most interesting to me is this line from the ↑recruitment info‘s list of desired skills: “Proven experience with modding, level editors, scripting and creation of story-driven gameplay”  via entry at … Continue reading