planet of the arabs

  This, Ladies and Gentlemen, definitely is a piece of art! “↑Planet of the Arabs“ [08:58min | .mov | 30MB | also ↑at YouTube and ↑at Google Video] by artist ↑Jacqueline Salloum is a fulminant remix of scenes from Hollywood movies and mainstream television—drawing from sources as diverse as cartoons starring ↑Bugs Bunny & ↑Daffy Duck, ↑CNN‘s ↑Larry King show, and “↑True Lies“ starring the 38th ↑Governator. Every single piece of the footage used depicts clichées of ‘Arabs’ which until today make ↑Edward Said—peace be upon him—revolve in his grave at tenthousand rounds per minute, and above.  Salloum’s movie is … Continue reading