speed thrills

It seems like just.be in meatspace somehow ran into Thomas ‘Panter‘ Pilger, who in 1997 “spread throughout the COMPET-N tables like a plague. By August, he was the first to do the third DOOM 2 episode (Map 21-30) on Nightmare skill and was primed for the ultimate DOOM 2 honor, DOOM 2 Schwarzenegger. Almost a year in the making, Thomas ‘Panter’ Pilger finally achieved the impossible by recording all 32 maps of DOOM 2 on Nightmare skill in one demo in 49:49.” John Romero‘s reaction to Panter’s feat: “I grabbed the demos and I’ll run them as soon as I have a little spare time—I can’t wait to see a nightmare run through DOOM2, it’s just gotta be impossible!”
    Btw, tnx for pointing me to the article Speed thrills: Speedrunners test the limits of games and game design by Allen Varney, in The Escapist 52, 04 July 2006.

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