Are you aware what a cheap tuxedo I am wearing? If anybody knows if there are decent male suits with a flexible jacket anywhere around in Second Life (SL), please let me know. I am willing to pay—as a club dancer (see above—the bar is the place where you as an anthropologist get into talking with people ;-) I already earned some money I am ready to invest. Don’t you disappoint me by saying, “there is no such thing.” I am perfectly aware that the absolute majority of clothes in SL are for women, and I indeed never saw a flexible male jacket, plus nobody seems to know about one. I have seen flexible fantasy-coats and pimpy stuff like that—this I do not want. I want a black suit, with a black flexible open jacket which is flapping behind me while I walk, and twirls around me when I dance. Then I want a black shirt with black tie, black leather shoes, a bit shiny, but not patent leather, and matching black gloves. Everything with decent textures giving you the sense of the fabric. I will not be satisfied before they start to call me the undertaker. If all of this does not exist yet, I will be forced to make it myself, quit my day- and nighttime job and will make a fortune by selling flexible male clothes in SL. Period.


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