talked to me!

Talked to me!

Robin Wood’s cloth templates for Second Life (SL) really are an ingenious gift for every wannabee clothes customizer. Still my project is to make a decent black suit for Fantomas, but it is always wise to start out humble. So today I went through the process of making a T-shirt by running through Robin’s according tutorial and using his template. Offline I abhorr wearing T-shirts with print on them, but this is SL … on the front I put a Soviet poster showing the 1960s Fantomas. The poster resides on my HDDs since several years, and I can not at all remember where I got it from. I didn’t want to write upon the shirt: “I made this T-shirt myself, and all I got is this T-shirt,” instead for its back I opted for a spoof of the “Wrote it!” anecdote—I wonder how long it will take until someone asks me “Who is John Romero?”

Using the Sojourner’s stuff and following his instructions it is no problem to make a decent T-shirt, nevertheless it doesn’t show completely correct on my avatar. The problem with skinning SL-avatars is, that their shape can be altered by the users. This normally is not the case with avatars in ‘real computer games’—once the shape has been generated to satisfaction, it will not be altered very much anymore. In consequence you can make the textures match perfectly. Before I finally uploaded the T-shirt texture, I looked how it would look on the male upper body in the preview window. It looked perfect, but then a bit distorted on my avatar. The preview window uses default parameters for the body, but my avatar’s mesh has different settings. So, if you want perfectly fitting clothes, you have to customize your textures for the exact shape of your avatar. But with all the help Robin Wood gives, especially the UV-suit I am currently wearing, this is possible. The next T-shirt will have “Masters of Doom” (Kushner 2004 [2003]) on the front, and “Read it!” on its back … which has a double-meaning as I only now recognized.

Anyway, after having uploaded the texture, I immediately had to resort to the paying dance pads, as I had to compensate the L$10 upload-fee. Hence the location for the snapshots.

Talked to me!

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