massively sculpted

very first sculptie armour in SL baby :P

Those are the moments I enjoy fieldwork online to the max. To the left is Detect Surface, creator-god of (SLurl:) Abaddon. He wears something peculiar—Detect: “very first sculptie armour in SL baby :P” Acid and me independently voiced that involuntarily it worked out as a perfect homage to the original Doom-guy. To the right is Yours Truly, wearing work-in-progress, the prototype-head of a full android, somewhat Terminator-style … things to come … and my body is made as skinny as possible, in order to make it fit seamlessly into the android later on. Our conversation in the very moment of the picture went like that:

Zeph: you’re looking so massive against me …
Detect Surface: lol lets not get gay now lol

Another one. Several weeks ago, when Ye-Ole-Japanese-Fishing-Village section of cyberpunk’s incarnation in Second Life (SL), the City of Abaddon (my home!), still was under construction by means of the D-man’s virtual hands, we all were standing together at the fish market. Some tourists sightseeing in Abaddon drew near, glanced at us, and one guy went:

Random Guy: why are u all armed
Detect Surface: because we live here
Random Guy: ah






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