warmy blankies, anthropology, and rain-soaked neon

william gibson meets bat segundo

William Gibson

In last year’s writing culture and cyberpunk I tried to show the close kinship of anthropology and cyberpunk—and I never cease to voice my opinion that the cyberpunk writers are huge fans of sociocultural anthropology. Four days ago I received an e-mail from writer, playwright, and director Edward Champion, hinting me to The bat segundo show #133 [54:42 min | .mp3] featuring an extensive and, to me, very interesting interview with William Gibson … are you ready? Are you hangin’ on the edge of your seat? Well, hold your breath then and have a quote from the godfather of cyberpunk, from the man who invented the concept and the word “cyberspace” … sit down and listen to Mr. William Ford Gibson:

I don’t think I really have technological issues. I don’t have technological issues in the sense people are often to meet [?] through my work. I’m not an early adaptor by any means. What always interested me most about technology, is watching people use it. So, I really think I am a sort of anthropologist. You know, I aspire to something like the condition of an anthropologist. [quote starts at 03:20 min]
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