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Cory Doctorow, Accelerando

It seems that Cory Doctorow somehow managed to virally spread his on- and offline looks Snow-Crash style. Charles Stross commented the above, non-doctored (pun not intended) picture like that:

I sometimes collaborate with sometime Campbell Award winner, EFF activist, and all-around happening guy Cory Doctorow. Cory is a big noise in campaigning for consumer rights against the big copyright cartels, and he comes up with an idea a minute and gives them away for free under creative commons a license. Yet he sure as hell wasn’t the model for Manfred in “↵Accelerando (because I hadn’t met him at the time), and nobody told the art director at Orbit to stick him on the cover of my book. Still, judge for yourself[.]

Now, when anthronaut discovered Cory Doctorow’s BoingBoing-entry
Second Life edition of Printcrime minicomic he at first thought it was me in the accompanying picture:


Printcrime Cory

As the picture is to be found on his blog, too, I suspect that the blue-man avatar in the pic is Doctorow’s Second Life-persona. So I couldn’t resist, voyaged to the Fabjectory, and re-staged the scene:

Printcrime Zeph

UPDATE (10 September 2007):
Just received an e-mail from Fabjectory founder Michael Buckbee. Mike clarified the matter of the blue man in the above picture—it ain’t Cory Doctorow, but Mike’s very own avatar Hal9k Andalso. Dig the 2001 allusion and IM him inworld if you want your avatar fabjected. Nevertheless my theory of Mr. Doctorow’s likeness spreading virally still stands true. In fact Mike furnished even more evidence for it, as he pointed me to a blog-entry of his, documenting Cory Doctorow in Manhunt 2. Judge yourself, here’s a screenshot of of one of Manhunt 2‘s playable characters, former scientist Daniel Lamb:

Cory Lamb

Manhunt … well, I officially declare the Coryhunt for open—feel free to e-mail me if you stumble over more Cory-Doctorow lookalikes in the digital or cybercultural realm [comments section here is still closed, due to my not coming around for working on better anti-spam measures, my apologies].

P.S.: The upcoming game “Manhunt 2” (the US-release is scheduled for October 2007) already is highly controversial due to extreme depiction of violence. Its predecessor Manhunt (Rockstar 2004) has been banned in Germany, Australia, and New Zealand.

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