tsunami audio slideshow

Three years after the Tsunami

A bit belated, I know, but nevertheless big congratulations to my friend Matthias Eberl, who succeeded in having published his audio slideshow Drei Jahre nach dem Tsunami [“Three years after the Tsunami”] at Spiegel online. For the international readership—serverlogs tell me that half of you who drop by here come from the US—, “Der Spiegel” [“The Mirror”] is Europe’s biggest and Germany’s most influential weekly news magazine, published in Hamburg, with a circulation of around one million per week. “Spiegel online” is its online presence. For his piece of multimedia journalism Matthias has recorded and shot material on location in Tamil Nadu, southern India. At his weblog Rufposten there is a comprehensive making of [in German], comprising very worthwhile theoretical ponderings on the format in general. In my opinion Matthias’ developing of true multimedia formats is of tremendous interest for representing anthropological knowledge. Hence I advise every anthropologist who is interested in questions of representation [and is able to read German], to take a look at the contents of “Rufposten”. Matthias is a professionally trained journalist and holds a Dr. phil. in anthropology. This term he teaches a course on Multimedia ethnography online
, accompanied by a website, at the University of Bayreuth’s anthropology department.

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